Door systems adopted modular design, so the installation and change parts are more easier.
Door pulley and ward off rope device are distinctive design that prevent the door rope fall off
Door ropes are all hidden in the door rails, prevent the door ropes are scrapped or bumped when the dumbwaiter is inspected or has emergency.
Smooth surface of car door is toward the car inside, ensures the car door can't scrape goods in the cabin when it is closed or opened.
Car door stop device
Stop device to pla the role of door handle while the door is opened and closed, it is firm, comfortable and convenient and it can keep upper and lower panel locking after the door has been closed which ensures the dumbmwaiter is running more faster.

The structure of door jamb is integrated welding, it can ensure every clearance between door panel and door jamb.
Save headroom height and pit depth
The design of the door lock is distinctive, it doesn't need cam to unlock it and the lock is always unlocked until the cabin leaves.
The protection device for car entrance: car protection bar
  • The deceleration device is applied on the protection bar so that the bar moves smoothly and lightly and it can avoid bumping th contact switch.
  • It can prevent the hand car tand large cargo from dropping out of the cabin and ensures the cargo safety of vertical transportation.

The door guide rail not only ensures the door clearance but also lets the door panels move lightly and smoothly.
Doesn't occupy the space outside the shaft.
The pit depth and the headroom height is small, save the build space to the maximum
Total scaled car door (the type is same as the landing door)
The door system has been assembled and installed as a whole to leave company, improves the installation techniques.

Satisfy the client's requirement which headroom height is not enough.
Easy to install and maintain.

Satisfy client's requirements which car entrance is 90° adjacent or opposite
Guide rails are placed on both sides of car diagonal, it makes car and counterweight running more smooth